Coooool!: Video Of T-Rex Skeleton Walking

October 14, 2010


Note: Videos are after the jump. Use those little arms of yours and push the button.

I happen to know how t-rex's walk (bow-legged) because I've traveled back in time and had sex with dozens thousands of them, but this is a pretty accurate representation. They also like to watch Friends reruns and smoke fern cigarettes after a sessy romp in the swamp. So yeah -- put that in your paleontology textbook and burn it, Dr. Alan Grant! Also, are any of you surprised about how human-like the movement is?...
Anybody want to pin on a dino tail and get chased around my apartment?

Hit the jump for the two videos of the ass-struttin' in action.

Walking Tyrannosaurus [buzzfeed]

Thanks to peanuts, who's ridden a dinosaur before and can attest to them smelling like shit. Give it some time, you get used to it.

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