Conversacube: Never An Awkward Moment

October 13, 2010


The Conversacube is a make-believe product that prevents stagnant conversation on a date by providing constant suggestions of things to say to the troll your mom set you up with. "Your eyes, they're just so....far apart."

Lauren McCarthy's idea seems harmless enough - a gadget that helps people be more sociable. Hell, if this thing was real it's definitely something you and your date can talk about.

It would also have family and kids versions, both of which are equally ridiculous. I'm pretty sure this is a commentary on how reliant people can be on technology and how some people are becoming more used to digital means of socializing than with physical or face-to-face interaction. Because as a serious concept this thing is just sad.

Listen: I 100% agree with the commentary that technology is making it more difficult for some people to function in social situations. And that is EXACTLY why I'm opening a school that teaches folks how to be social. It's gonna be called the 'Geekologie Writer's Non-nonprofit Institute for a Personable Society'. Sign up today, space in GW's NIPS is extremely limited (they're like the size of dried apricots).

Hit the jump for the cube in action on a date.

conversacube: icebreaker re-invented, exaggerated [technabob]

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