Can Shooting A Bullet Into Ice Cause It To Stop And Spin Like A Top? SPOILER: Yes

October 14, 2010


Note: No matter how many times you try clicking the picture, nothing's going to happen. Hit the jump to watch the video.

"GW, that has got the be the most boring-ass screencap of all time". Come on, it looks like Hoth! "Your face looks like a Wampa". Ouch, you're being really mean today. And I like it. You see, I don't know if you knew this about me, but I'm a masochist. It's true, I can't even get off anymore unless I've been shot. SNAP -- a wild tie-in appeared!

Apparently, Mythbusters is going to film a segment to test the incredible case of the spinning bullet on ice. Many people are discussing if this is possible or not. After watching it repeatedly and reading the arguments, I believe it.

Some people say that this is impossible. How can a .40 caliber bullet stop on the ice like that, losing all its forward momentum and still keep spinning? I don't know the what the physics are, but the video is pretty clear and I don't see any way of faking that, which is probably why Mythbusters is going to put it to the test.

I watched the video in question several times, and it looks legit. Then, because I'm such an intrepid reporter, I searched Youtube for other people trying it, whose attempts also seemed legit. But that's not important, what's important is how many people are gonna shoot themselves trying it. I suspect in the tens.

Hit it for the WTFery.

NOTE: Follow the link to Youtube to see another video by the same user where you can actually watch them firing the bullets. It takes a bunch of attempts but they repeat it (or fake it) several times (best one starts at 3:10).

Youtube (different, better video)
Is the Incredible Spinning Bullet on Ice Real? [gizmodo]

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