But My Math Classes Were Boring: Alegebra Teacher Goes Nuts, Starts Throwing Chairs

October 11, 2010


This is horribly crappy camera-phone video of a teacher going nuts on some high school students and eventually throwing chairs, including one through a window. You don't actually see too much on account of the camera-phoner sucking 200% at life AND videography, but you can certainly hear something. Mostly distortion.

A teacher was removed from McGavock High School after a bizarre incident in a classroom that forced the principal to call parents and explain what happened.

The incident happened in Donald Wood's 11th grade algebra class Friday. Video shot by a student in class showed Wood throwing two tables, a garbage can and a chair.

The video starts with Wood telling a group of laughing students to "shut up."

After standing quietly for about 20 seconds while students laughed, Wood waved his arms and said, "If you can be absolutely quiet... if you can shut your mouth... you can shut your mouth and you can listen in absolute silence... do you know why? Cause I have the absolute..."

Now I'm not saying Apeshit for Algebra here is justified, but I am saying I can't stand kids these day and would have made them all stand in the corner with dunce caps on just like at the end of Blair Witch Project. Woops. Retroactive spoiler alert!

Hit the jump for 2:00 of motion sickness.


Thanks to jeremy, Rosco P. Coltrane (nice!) and Alicia, who skipped algebra and went straight to geometry. F***IN' SHAPES, HOW DO THEY WORK?!

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