Burn Her With Fire: Mother Shakes Baby To Death For Interrupting Her During FarmVille

October 28, 2010


Alexandra V. Tobias, best known for her wonky yet still piercing gaze, shook her 3-month old son to death for interrupting her while playing FarmVille on Facebook. I told you it was the devil's game. Girl, just be thankful I'd never put my hands on a woman because I would beat your f***ing eyes straight.

She told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette "to compose herself," and proceeded to shake him again. The baby may have hit his head during one of the two shakings, she said.

FarmVille, named one of the "worst inventions" in recent decades by Time magazine, has more than 60 million members, most of whom access the game through Facebook. Some players have found it so addicting that they've lost their jobs and racked up debts north of $1,000.

What in the hell's the matter with people? And why does it always seem like the morons WITH ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS (or significant genealogical differences from the other parent) CARING FOR A CHILD the ones that keep having them? Because I'd like to propose a sterilization program. Ha -- did I say sterilization? Because I meant euthanasia by shotgun.

"FarmVille" Interruption Cited in Baby's Murder [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans and Jessica, who don't play FarmVille because it's the shittiest game ever invented.

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