Blowing Up A MacBook Air With Fireworks

October 28, 2010


I bought a MacBook Air right when they came out but ended up breaking it over my knee after getting sick and tired of its weightlessness. My laptop needs some heft, dammit, I need to feel like I'm hauling some serious shit around (and not just 500GB of pr0n). The solution? A laptop bag half-filled with cinderblocks. My God do I feel like a man now. Plus -- PLUS -- the computer itself is still light enough to perch on my knees when I'm on the john (like I am now). Anyway, *flushing* this is a video of some guy exploding a *spraying air-freshener* MacBook Air with M-1000's. At first I thought the explosion *sniffing, spraying more air-freshener* would be disappointing, but it actually does a pretty good job.

Since the release of the new second generation MacBook Air, there really is no use for the old one. So we put two M-1000 dynamite sticks we got from Chinatown inside of our newly obsolete Apple product. The results are quite explosive.

Haha, I thought those were Chinatown M-1000's! I could tell because legal ones can't even blow the legs off insects. And not mutant ones either, I'm talking about regular-ass crickets. Also, I was lying about the whole owning a MacBook Air thing. I just said it to sound cool but having reread it I realize I sounded like a fart echoing off a hard plastic chair. Forgive me?

Hit the jump for the explosive action.


Thanks to Scott, who made the video, and to Peter, who called you a goofy looking hipster. FIGHT!

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