Authentic Vader Costume To Hit Auction Block

October 28, 2010


Want a movie-worn Darth Vader costume? Start digging through the couch cushions for spare change! Then rob a bank. Then rob a jewelry store. Then rob another bank.

An exceptionally rare Darth Vader costume comes up for sale next month and is expected to fetch as much as 230,000 pounds ($365,000), auctioneer Christie's said on Wednesday.

The main components of the 1980 costume, including the helmet and mask, are considered to have been production-made for "The Empire Strikes Back," the second of the "Star Wars" series to be released, Christie's added.

"While there are limited public records of the costumes produced and used for the first Star Wars trilogy, the helmet, mask and shoulder armor from the present example have a provenance leading back to the film studios around the time of production," Christie's said.

Pfft, they can't even prove it's authentic! You don't see me trying to sell the t-shirt off my back as a movie-worn 'Back To The Future II' costume do you? *posting shirt on eBay* Haha, well you didn't actually see me do it. Oh, and for the record: I'm not just nay-saying to keep the auction's price down so I can swoop in and buy it, because I'm not. Shit, I don't even have two nickels to rub together! Which is a shame because I am lost in the woods and I'm pretty sure that's how you start a fire.

Rare Darth Vader costume up for auction [yahoo]

Thanks to Fally and Christine, who agree his gloves look suspiciously like oven mitts.

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