I'm Just Gonna Boldly Go Call Dominoes: The Official Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter

September 22, 2010


In other culinary-ish product news, how about a Starship Enterprise pizza cutter? It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno! No it's not either, it's store brand and there isn't nearly enough cheese to cover the sauce. Unrelated, the last time I tried making my own pizza it cost $30 and tasted like a Italian's b-hole (Mario and I messed around in trade school). Apparently b-holes have no place on a pizza aside, this is a $25 officially licensed Starship Enterprise Pizza Wheel. RED-SHIRT PEPPER FLAKES! You might not travel to any distant planets, but you may need a ride to the emergency room when you slice off a finger. Which, true story -- your Vulcan salute will never be the same. ARE YOU F***ING FLICKING ME OFF?!

A couple more shots and a promo video after the jump.



ThinkGeek Product Site
star trek enterprise pizza wheel: these are the voyages of the starship pepperoni [technabob]

Thanks to Tim S. and Brandy, who better beam me up two slices of mushroom and artichoke. AND DON'T FORGET THE RED PEPPER FLAKES AND SRARACHA!

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