What If: Superheroes Were Hipsters? (Supervillians Would Rule The World)

September 20, 2010


Note: A whole bunch more after the jump.

What if superheroes were hipsters? We'd all be dead at the hands of supervillians, that's what. And not just because the superhipsters would think it's ironic, but you've got to admit it is a little LIKE RAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, IT'S A FREE RIDE WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY PAID. Haha, am I really quoting Alanis lyrics? Yes, yes I am. CAUSE I'VE GOT ONE HAND IN MY POCKET, AND THE OTHER ONE IS GIVIN' A REACH AROUND.

Hit the jump for the rest, all courtesy of College Humor.






If Superheroes Were Hipsters [collegehumor]

Thanks to Aaron, Totex and Michael, who don't like flannel OR Wayfarers. Oooh -- that might be a dealbreaker.

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