WANT!: Twenty Little Pizzas On One Big Pizza

September 21, 2010


Can't decide what kind of pizza to order? Go get Taco Bell instead. Ooooor demand the Little Caesar make 20 little pizzas and put them on one larger pizza, so you've got options. Me? My options are running out. Right now I'm looking at filing for bankruptcy or faking my own death.

The final piece was a collage of different cultures' food (Hawaiian, vegan, meat lovers, macaroni, pepperoni, pesto pine nut, etc.), a collage of the actual pizza itself in an attempt at providing some perspective to the viewer of the levels of experience they might be having outside of the pizza, and finally a collage of the people attending the opening and participating in the piece by putting it inside of them.

LOLWUT? It's a pizza with a bunch of little pizzas on top of it, what's up with all the artistic mumbo-jumbo? I don't need "perspective", I need parmesan and red pepper flakes.

John Riepenhoff's Recursive Pizza [slice]
Put Mini-Pizzas on a Pizza and Presto ! The Recursive Pizza [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Jody, who considers anything more than a plain cheese pizza an abomination. Boy, I could learn you a thing or two about some mushrooms and banana peppers.

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