Truck Turned Into Giant Driveable Radio Flyer

September 30, 2010


Note: Higher-res shot HERE.

What do you do if you grew up during the Great Depression and were always too poor to own a Radio Flyer? Wait till you're like a hundred and then build one out of a truck! But does it always have to be towed?

Fred Keller and Judy Foster worked on the car for 11 months, and finished in August of this year, and their ride has been turning heads.

The base of the wagon is a 1976 Mazda pickup truck that Foster inherited form her dad.

The vehicle turns heads everywhere they go.

"I think the words I hear the most often is 'awesome' or 'cool' or people go by and give us a 'hi' sign," Foster said.

The wheels are made from hub caps and detergent bottles, and the steering wheel is the actual wheel from a wagon. The handle rises eight feet high.

First of all, I don't see any safety belts and you two are already knock knock knockin' on heaven's door. Secondly, if you come to a quick stop does the wagon handle fall and smash the shit out of the car in front of you? Because I'd like to imagine yes. I'd also like to imagine that driver was being an @$$hole. Shake your fist at him too!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the build process.









Couple's Radio Flyer turns heads on streets

Thanks to Clifford, who wants to see a giant-sized Powerwheels. Uh, Clifford? They already make those, they're called Jeeps.

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