Today's Shirt Woot: Two Dinosaurs Boxing

September 1, 2010


In case you don't check shirt.woot everyday, today's shirt features two dinos exchanging blows. Unfortunately, not the erotic kind. The shirt is $10 (including shipping) today only, so act accordingly if you're into it. Me? I just can't condone dino-on-dino violence. Unless it's fighting for a mate, in which case OOH OOH -- PICK ME, PICK ME! *waving dino-bearing buttcheeks seductively*

Shirt.Woot (different shirt tomorrow)

Thanks to Uncle_FUJ, Eric, Darren, Vasssskk, Pakku, Stevie, Melissa, joeproblem and Enormosaurus, who all agree "two dinos exchanging blows" does have a Shakespearean ring to it.

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