These Beats Are So Fresh!: 8-Bit Mixtape

September 3, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because these beats are so fresh they'd make the front page look rotten.

This is a little composition by Eclectic Method appropriately titled '8-Bit Mixtape'. It's basically a bunch of beats and audio effects from old video games strung together in a way that sounds like bumpin' music. The whole thing's surprisingly good but the Tetris part is by far the best so if you disagree you and I will be taking this outside and I will be dropping you on the curb like a garbage bag full of Play-Doh. See, what I'm gonna do is fake with the right, then come in with a left hook that'll make you say 'Oh golly, not right in the temple!" Thing is, it's gonna be. Right. In. The. Temple. Of your doom. See what I did there? Hold on, hold on -- one last crusade.

Hit the jump for the it's probably not for everyone.

Eclectic Method's Vimeo
'Eclectic Method' - An 8 Bit Mixtape [gonintendo]

Thanks to Jessica, who once made beats so fresh Gordon Ramsay popped like thirty culinary boners.

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