These Beats Are So Fresh!: 8-Bit Mixtape

September 3, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because these beats are so fresh they'd make the front page look rotten.

This is a little composition by Eclectic Method appropriately titled '8-Bit Mixtape'. It's basically a bunch of beats and audio effects from old video games strung together in a way that sounds like bumpin' music. The whole thing's surprisingly good but the Tetris part is by far the best so if you disagree you and I will be taking this outside and I will be dropping you on the curb like a garbage bag full of Play-Doh. See, what I'm gonna do is fake with the right, then come in with a left hook that'll make you say 'Oh golly, not right in the temple!" Thing is, it's gonna be. Right. In. The. Temple. Of your doom. See what I did there? Hold on, hold on -- one last crusade.

Hit the jump for the it's probably not for everyone.

Eclectic Method's Vimeo
'Eclectic Method' - An 8 Bit Mixtape [gonintendo]

Thanks to Jessica, who once made beats so fresh Gordon Ramsay popped like thirty culinary boners.

  • TrueMOD

    ok it aint bad but when you wanna go 8 bit style why do you use speech samples of someone saying super nintendo and sega genesis? those are 16 bit consoles. also right before the tetris part starts you see link doing his spin yeah hes 16 bit as well. the music itself is ok but nothing special in my opinion. ive heard better mario and tetris remixes.

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