The Future Is Now!: Transparent Aluminum

September 15, 2010


See-through metal, yo. What's next, opaque gas? "Whoa GW, you've got a mysterious brown aura about you. Also *choking* -- why's it smell like somebody died in here?" IT WAS THE DOG, I SWEAR!

Stronger than glass, various military and commercial applications for this remarkable material are already being tested. What was once used in the science-fiction Star Trek movies, see-through aluminum is now something that - through test mixing with rubies, sapphires and more - is now being tried out in all kinds of ways to create transparency where strength is also required.

For now, it is used in static-free transparent aluminum wrapping for computer parts and other electronics. It is also being tested in otherwise-conventional see-through soda cans and military shielding for vehicles where windows once were. At over ten dollars per square inch, however, it is still not cheap enough for mainstream everyday use - but may be someday soon.

Now I'm not saying they should start manufacturing women's restrooms out of this stuff, but you've got to admit in this age of terrorism, bomb-proofing should be an important bathroom-security concern. Haha, see where I'm going with this? Home to get my video camera!

Transparent Aluminum: Real, Glass-Like, See-Through Metal [dornob]

Thanks M_D, who invented invisible metal but The Fantastic Four bought the patent and buried it because they wanted The Invisible Woman to still feel special. *sniff* I'm sorry that was just so touching.

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