Spray-On Shirts Are Washable, Rewearable

September 16, 2010


Note: Video after the jump is probably NSFW due to a topless A-cup getting a shirt sprayed on.

Wow, we really are living in the future, aren't we? HELL NO WE'RE NOT -- look outside, you see any hovercars?! Exactly. The prosecution naps. But on the bright side, washable, rewearable spray t-shirts are apparently only a year away. I'm gonna make pants instead!

Dr Manel Torres and Professor Paul Luckham have developed a spray that contains small fibres which are mixed with polymers to join them together and a solvent that keeps the fabric in liquid form in the can.

The solvent evaporates instantly as the spray touches a surface, creating a smooth clothing material that can be washed and re-worn.

The product is supposed to hit the market next year under the name FabriCan (what, was Shirtcanned taken?!) and sell for around $12 a can, making them far cheaper than any other t-shirt you can buy these days. Except for the ones in the gift shops on Hollywood Blvd, because they sell them 4/$10. Plus -- and this is actually pretty cool -- they dissolve in the wash.

Hit the jump for a provocative video of a shirt being made.

Spray-on clothing in a can to be launched [telegraph]

Thanks to ADAM, who once sprayed a shirt on but then couldn't get it off. You know what he ended up doing? Pouring superglue down his roommate's polo so he wouldn't be the only one.

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