Spill No More: The Spink Coffee Cup Holder

September 17, 2010


Always knocking you coffee cup over? It's because you're clumsy. Me? I only do it because I've been drinking. Does that make me better than you? No, but it does make my boss ask to smell my breath a lot. F***, I thought I had another pack of Orbit Sweet Mint aside, spill no more thanks to the $20 Spink (never SPill another drINK)!

The Spink is a clever cup-holder for your desk that will pay for itself the first time it saves you from upending a drink all over your keyboard - or worse - your laptop. Installation is as simple as pulling a lever to engage the suction cup, which locks the Spink in place until you want to take it somewhere else. Basic colors are red, black or white, but it can be customized by slipping in a photograph.

Sure you could get a Splink -- or -- OR -- you could get an IV. Because one time I partied with a couple nurses I knew and the next morning they gave me a fluids IV so I wouldn't be so hung over. It was actually working pretty well until the bag got low and I poured the rest of my bourbon in it. Then it worked fantastic! Are you...an angel? "Yes dipshit, you just killed yourself trying to shoot booze." But I was curious!

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Spink (never SPill another drINK) Saves Computers From Poor Coordination [uberreview]

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