Scarred For Life: Robotic Vajayjay Gives Birth

September 28, 2010


Note: Probably NSFW video is after the jump because I don't want any crying robot babies popping out and slopping on the front page.

This is a video of a robotic vagina giving birth complete with the most terrifying sounds I've ever heard in my 29 years of existence (not even kidding). And yes, in case you didn't notice I did take a screencap from the "forceps" section of the video because I'm a firm believer in "if I have to see something, so do you". Haha, no need to thank me, although a card would be nice every once in awhile. *sniff* Anthrax -- for me?!

Hit the jump and wish you hadn't.


Thanks to Mox, Mushishi, BJ my PENN, greg and Erica, who all passed out watching and had to be smelling-salted back to consciousness. Same here.

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