Save Me!: Disney Heroines As Superheroes

September 8, 2010


DeviantARTist kreugan (aka Melissa Erickson) decided to sketch up some leading Disney ladies as superheroes. These are them! LET'S HUG ABOUT IT!

Disney princesses as superheroes! There are a few missing because I lost steam (and should be doing other things), but I might come back and add them eventually.

Also here are their superpowers:
Ariel = aquagirl
Belle = one of those archer/hunter heroes
Aurora = supergirl, came to earth in a clear cryo pod (GET IT) .. I also like that her name is spacey :'D
Jasmine = cat(tiger?)woman
Cinderalla = controls glass/ice/crystal/something
Mulan = reincarnated dragon powers or something
Snow White = she-hulkish, turned into zombie/vampire/?? by experimental cloned apple (added cloak since the rest of her outfit is so stiff! also she looked a bit chilly)
Tiana = poison ivy-ish

As you can read, Melissa really put a lot of thought into who each character would be. Oooooor just started drawing. Whatever the case, I'm gonna pretend like I'm drowning and see if I can't get Aqua Girl Ariel to come out of her sand castle and give me a lil mouth-to-mouth. *thrashing around in the surf* Oh -- here she comes! OMG -- is, it can't be...does she have an eel for a tongue?! Harpoon, HARPOOOOOON!

Kreugan's DeviantART
Disney Princess Superheroes [buzzfeed]

Thanks to jennie, who could whip any of these ladies and doesn't have to pay homage to a mouse at the end of the day.

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