(Russian) Fan-Made Transformers Movie

September 20, 2010


This is a little Transformers movie made by a couple shirtless Ruskies. Ha, I didn't even know they had special effects in Russia! I thought it was all nesting dolls and vodka. That probably sounded racist aside, in Russia robots transform you.

My new video experiment, based on Michael Bay's Transformers, for you and myself)) This short film was shot in 2 hours. Edited in month=) For shooting I used my new camera Canon 550D (+ kit lens 18-55mm + 50mm 1.8) and a little bit my friend's camera Nikon D5000 (+ kit lens 18-55mm). Thanks for Watching.

You can find my other videos on youtube (repey815)

Небольшой видео-эксперимент, основанный на одноименном фильме Майкла Бэя. Сотворено для вас и, конечно же, для себя)))
На съемку ушло 2 дня, по часу в каждый день, на редактирование - месяц.

Did I mention there's a twist ending? Because there is. And, as tempting as it might be, I'm not gonna ruin for you. So if you want to see it you're just gonna have to watch. But I will admit there's a hot topless (but still SFW) Russian chick running around at one point. Just kidding. Or am I? I am. Not. Have fun watching, suckers -- I OWN YOU!

Hit it for the worthwhile video.

Transformers Battle [bite]

Thanks Dj Azer, Yopoleo and David B., whose cellphones don't transform into anything but broken cellphones. And to ultrapony, who's practically a unicorn.

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