Man The Lasers!: Qaudricopter-Deathbot Is Back, Can Now Fly Through Moving Hoops

September 20, 2010


Note: Terrifying HD-ready video after the jump. Viewer discretion advised.

Remember the University of Pennsylvania's quadri-deathcopter? You know, the one that can fly through windows and is learning to pick up bodies? Well it's back and more frightening than ever. Now I know what you're thinking, "Oh my God -- it joined the circus". But no, although that would be terrifying.

Yes, today U Penn's GRASP Lab posted the aptly titled "Aggressive Quadrotor Part II," showing off all of their drone's freaky new feats. It can buzz around in menacing circles, calculate an optimal path through several rings, and even squeeze through an opening that's on the move itself. That means it could fly through your window and kill you in your sleep if you were sleeping in a train's sleeper car. Nowhere is safe!

I'm glad to see others are finally taking the robot threat seriously. I felt like before I was standing on my soapbox preaching to deaf ears. Plus blind eyes. Haha -- that's what you get for playing with yourself! (Anybody seen my cane?)

Hit the jump for the aggressive quadricopter in action.

The Quadrotor Drone Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks [gizmodo]

Thanks to Richard Belding, who should have expelled Zach and the gang a long time ago.

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