Potty Train That Thing!: If Websites Were Pets

September 2, 2010


Geekologie would be a show dog, I know that. One whose balls drag on the astroturf. I'm talking purebred, with f***ing papers (I only brought it bowling, I didn't rent it shoes, I'm not buying it a f'ing beer, it's not taking your f'ing turn, dude). Also, at least 95% of the other sites should probably be euthanized. *cough* Myspace *cough* Time for you to head to that big top 8 in the sky, Tom. But seriously, what pet would Geekologie be? I mean, besides teacher's. Don't hate! Dogs can't help but brown-nose -- we love the b!

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If Websites Were Pets [collegehumor]

Thanks to wes g, who thinks Geekologie is more like the hamster your parents tried to replace without you knowing after your mom ran over it with the vacuum.

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