OMG Polly Pocket -- Is That You?: The World's Smallest Stop-Motion Animation

September 22, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because it's so small it might get lost on the front page.

This is a video that's being billed as "the world's smallest stop-motion animation". I don't know about that, but I do know it's a viral ad for the Nokia N8 smartphone, which it was shot with. I also know it looks like a Little Big Planet level and was created by the same team that produced Wallace and Grommit, which I can only assume is the A team. Back me up, B.A. Baracas! "I PITY THE FOOL WHO'S PENIS FITS IN THAT LITTLE LADY!" Haha, no kidding. Wait a minute...

Hit the jump for the sickingly cute video.

Meet Dot, the World's Tiniest Stop-Motion Animation Heroine [nymag]

Thanks to pete, who actually made a smaller stop-motion animation but lost it on his way to the internet. Two words: fanny pack.

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