Oh Yeah, Waste That Time: Treadmillasaurus Rex, The Dinosaur On A Treadmill Game

September 3, 2010


Treadmillasaurus Rex has all the prerequisites for an awesome video game: dinosaurs, lasers, spikey balls, confetti, party lights, fancy hats, and exercise. Kidding, it could actually do without the exercise. Me? Not so much. My love handles monkey bars aside, give it a play and stick it to the man for a couple minutes. It's not like you're doing anything but counting the minutes until the holiday weekend anyway. Haha, do I know you or what?! I don't, I just have a spy camera hidden in your office. I saw how you spent your lunch break! And I want in.

Treadmillasaurus Rex [armorgames]

Thanks to eL Capitan!, EliteTek, letrappe and rhino, who agree all dinosaurs should join the gym to keep them fit and limber for my sex parties.

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