Obvious Combo: Sexy Transformer Costumes

September 13, 2010


Because there's no such thing as a costume you can't sexify, here's Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in "Sexy Adult Costume" versions. Nice, but there better not be more than meets the eye under those dresses! Available in time for Halloween (thank God), $56 takes one home. The costumes -- not the girls. Two cups of jungle juice and telling them you're in movies will get the girls. Alternatively, talking about how much better the old cartoons are compared to the movies and how Swideswipe has always been your favorite Autobot will get the girls home alone. Dipping your genitals in the punch bowl will send everybody scattering.

Hit the jump for closeups of all the sessiness.



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Thanks to Betsey, who agrees there aren't enough sexy men's costumes. Tell me about it -- I've been a sexy astronaut three years running!

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