Now You're Just Being Nasty: Single-Malt Whiskey Made From Diabetics' Urine

September 7, 2010


I know, I'm still dry-heaving about it. Or maybe it was the roach I found in my cereal hanging onto a Cheerio like a life preserver. Whatever the case, I think I'm empty now. Let's proceed with caution:

James Gilpin is a designer and researcher who works on the implementation of new biomedical technologies. He's also got type 1 diabetes, where his body doesn't produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

So he's started a project which turns the sugar-rich urine of elderly diabetics into a high-end single malt whisky, suitable for export.

The source material is acquired from elderly volunteers, including Gilpin's own grandmother. The urine is purified in the same way as mains water is purified, with the sugar molecules removed and added to the mash stock to accelerate the whisky's fermentation process. Traditionally, that sugar would be made from the starches in the mash.

Once fermented into a clear alcohol spirit, whisky blends are added to give colour, taste and viscosity, and the product is bottled with the name and age of the contributor.

Okay that's just f***ing disgusting. There is absolutely no reason to drink geriatric pee whiskey unless you're on a spaceship to a far-away galaxy and THERE IS 100% NO OTHER WAY TO GET DRUNK but to make tinkle tonic. Which is exactly how I know I could never be an astronaut. Thanks but no thanks, Jack Dangles!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the I'd rather go sober.






Whisky made from diabetics' urine [wired]

Thanks to Jason, Nicktendo, Shenanigans, Rhino and Closet Nerd, who don't drink urine because they're not Mermen. *Ahem* I'm looking at you, Kevin Costner at the beginning of Water World!

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