NOT COOL BROS: Bow And Arrow Robot

September 24, 2010


Because you can't be a robot sympathizer without being a giant f***ing racist as well (how do you feel about robots again?), some Italian scientists decided to dress a robot in faux Native American headdress and teach it archery. YOU'RE TERRIBLE PEOPLE! Just kidding (I have to say that because Dr. Kormushev sent the tip).

Dr. Petar Kormushev and his colleagues at the Italian Institute of Technology's (IIT) Advanced Robotics Dept. love to teach human skills to robots...Dr. Kormushev and company have now taught a robot to be a skilled archer in just eight tries.

Above is a picture of said archer. The good news is he has the body of a 3 and a half year old baby. The bad news is that he's iCub, an open source robot, so there's more of him out there. Kinda like little versions of the ones in I, Robot. Are they planning to make a mediocre movie? They must be stopped. But first we have to get our hands on ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression), the learning algorithm that enabled the iCub to learn to hit bulls eyes in the first place. After every trial, the iCub sees where his arrow hit and consequently adjusts his aim for the next try.

Wow, I've always known Italians are awful, shameless people who wear too much gold, but this is ridiculous. Huh? Oh I'm allowed to say that because I'm half Italian. The other half? French. KIDDING! God I felt dirty just saying it. Still love your fries!

Hit the jump for the last thing I'd ever want shooting an apple off my head in action.

robot archer hits bulls eye by 8th try: can you learn to dodge perfectly in 7? [technabob]
Official Project Site

Thanks to Dr. Petar Kormushev himself who, woops. Ignore everything I said.

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