Members Only? I'll Cut You!: Knife Coathooks

September 28, 2010


We've already seen ninja-star and joystick coathooks, so why not $15 knife coathooks? Yes, why not knives? "Because they promote violence?" Um, no, stop being stupid. I'm not even allowed near safety-scissors and I'm still one of the most violent people I know. Seriously, last night I lost a game of Bejeweled on the PS3 and I punched the couch so hard it started shitting loose change. "OMG -- enough to buy a 40?" Hoho, enough to buy two 40's, my friend. Violence is never the answer my ass, violence got daddy all kindsa drunk last night. Plus two kinds of pukey! (Projectile and dry)

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the product page.



ThinkGeek Product Page
Knife Coat Hook Adds Lethal Looks To Any Wall, Hangs Your Sharp Threads [markstechnologynews]

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