Map: The World According To Street Fighter

September 20, 2010


Note: There's no way you can possibly see the map so small so click HERE to see the thing in such high resolution several of you may consider making a desktop wallpaper out of the thing.

This is the world map according to Street Fighter. Basically it just shows you where all the characters' countries of origin. Which -- who knew Dhalsim was from India? Everybody? Oh. THEY HAVE WITCH DOCTORS IN INDIA?! Ooh-Eeh, Ooh-Ah-Aah, Ting-Tang, Walla-Waholyshit -- look at those f***ing arms. Stretch Armstrong over here wants to shrink your head!

The world according to Street Fighter [gamesradar]

Thanks to Romeo, who's still convinced Vega is Wolverine moonlighting as a Street Fighter. You know, you might be on to something.

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