Man Builds Larger Than Life Drivable R2-D2

September 27, 2010


Some guy went and built a giant R2-D2 model that you can climb in and drive around. Why? Because it's awesome and gave him an excuse to hide in the garage away from the wife and kids for a bit. There's a video of him cruising around the driveway after the jump, which is worth checking out. I especially liked the part when his son comes up and asks all rude-like, "what're you doin'?" WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT AM I DOING? R2-DAD2's HAVING THE ONLY FUN HE'S BEEN ABLE TO SINCE YOU WERE BORN IS WHAT I'M DOING! Now -- go fetch me a beer, it's hotter than a hot trashcan in here."

Hit the jump for a minute long video of not the dad you're looking for.


Thanks to Jake, Princess Leia - you've got me on my knees (clever!) and Jennifer, who all agree it would be fun to ride down a steep hill with fireworks coming out of the rocket boosters.

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