Magic!: Bullets Slicing Through Water Droplets

September 2, 2010


Alexander Augusteijn takes pictures of bullets slicing through drops of water because, well, I guess he's already taken pictures of everything else. Seriously, it's bullets through water, then like a mermaid riding a unicorn, then, I dunno, he's gonna have to take up painting or something. Per Max Payne himself:

I am a photographer from the Netherlands, specializing in high speed photography. I use a normal flash to achieve very short illuminations. The most critical parameter in this kind of photography is timing, which is achieved by computer control of shutter, flash, valve, gun or whatever other device is used.

These kind of images require a lot of experimentation, dedication, patience and willingness to endlessly clean spill of liquids and debris from objects shot to pieces. Several hundreds of trial shots may be needed to get timing correct. After that, the process is pretty well controlled, and often half of the shots will be usable, with 1 out of 10 really interesting.

Good lookin', Alexander. I'll be the first to admit I don't have the time or patience for anything like that. I can see it now: "Alright foks, here we go: test shot in three, tw--" *BLAM!* Haha, did I mention I don't have the gun safety either? AMBERLAMPS!

Hit the jump for three more water shots, as well as a link to Alexander's website with a bunch more worthwhile pictures, including some lightbulbs that have been shot but are still lit.




Alexander's Website (with a bunch more worthwhile shots)
The Amazing High Speed Bullet Photography of Alexander Augusteijn [petapixel]

Thanks to Sandra and awesome opossum, who have both tried taking pictures of bullets with emergency room results.

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