Looks Depressing: Swiss Drive-In Sex Booths

September 1, 2010


Apparently prostitution in Zurich, Switzerland has gotten so out of hand the police have decided to install private drive-in sex booths so the less perverse citizens of the city don't have to witness anybody getting a midday BJ in their Volkswagen. Not even kidding.

The idea itself is adopted from German cities like Essen and Cologne, and will be a way for prostitution to continue on behind closed, uh, doors.

The boxes will serve as quickie drive-throughs, so-to-speak, and will free up city streets from unsightly acts that haunt Zurich residents whose homes overlook the city's red light district. "They get up to all sorts in broad daylight - and we're sick to death of looking at it," one resident told the U.K.'s Metro.

First of all, how're you gonna live in the red light district and complain about it? I thought it meant lots of stoplights, honest! Secondly, you better believe I'm setting up a prosty detailing service in the compound. HJ and a wax, $30!

Switzerland Confidential: Behold the Legal Sex Drive-Thru [time]

Thanks to Miss Bowser, who'd like to note, no, we won't do interiors.

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