Looks Booboo: First Glimpse Of Avatar Pr0n

September 29, 2010


Remember when Hustler announced they were making a 3-D parody of Avatar and it was gonna be the company's most costly production to date? Well it looks like the number to beat was $200, because this thing looks like a giant Na'vi turd. And not a golden one like that goose in the fairy tale lays, oh no -- I'm talking about a stinking pile an elephant wouldn't even come near for fear of never forgetting. You see, elephants can't booze like we can, which is why they have such good memories. Also, why I never want to come back as an elephant.

SFW trailer for the POS after the jump.


Thanks, to Christian (sure you are!), jessi, Darwin's Muse, adam, marissa and Ms. Blue Booty, who have all made local car commercials with higher production value.

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