It's About Damn Time!: Bags Of Nothing-But-Cereal-Marshmallows Now Available

September 9, 2010


That's right folks, no more sifting through boxes of Lucky Charms just to make a single bowl of marshmallows! Now you can have one whenever you want. Goodbye oat bran, hello cavities! (I'm gonna stash a bag in my ass for snacking you see).

Here at Cereal Marshmallows Our Goal is to Deliver you the absolute best and Crunchiest marshmallows available and I believe that is just what we have. I searched the World Over Japan, China Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, Australia, NOWHERE could I Get a Crunchy Crispy Marshmallow I ordered everything you could imagine and tried to get manufacturers to make it for me to no avail. I ended up with a pile of soft Yucky marshmallows big enough to fill a Dozen Trash bags Then Right here in the USA I found the perfect Marshmallow only Problem was I had to order over 10,000 pounds WOW and Marshmallows are LIGHT this is a SEMI Truck full well a big step but nonetheless one we made and now we sell out every 4 months or so I'm sure you will love these marshmallows

Although I cant give you the Exact shapes as in your favorite Cereal I do have the same Crunchy Marshmallows. My Charms are half Circles, Squares, Quarter moons and a triangle this product in my opinion is The Best marshmallow on the market!

Prices start at $7 for two 7oz bags and go up to $400 for a 95lb bag. Oh my goodness -- can you even imagine a 95-pound bag of cereal marshmallows? I can -- like six beanbag chairs.

Cereal Marshmallows

Thanks to Matt, who once made a bowl of nothing but the raisin clusters from Raisin Nut Bran and nearly died from deliciousness.

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