It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Na'vi Fleshlight

September 30, 2010


Note: Jump probably NSFW due to fake alien-vaj.

To coincide with the release of Hustler's Avatar pr0n parody, Fleshlight is making an "alien" version of their famous male sex-toy. "Honey -- I think the blue flashlight in the tool chest next to your Neytiri poster is out of batteries".

Go where no manhood has gone before past the strangely alluring double clitoris of the Alien vagina. This mesmerizing pearlescent blue Alien begs to beam you up for a close encounter of the preferred kind.

The exclusive Alien texture combines the feel of three of our most popular textures to create one out-of-this-world experience. Tantalizing sinews swirl together mimicking our famous Vortex canal before breaking through to a Lotus node that finally gives way to our most intense texture, the STU.

I'm not gonna lie, I felt dirty just reading that. You can buy the sadness alone for $75, or get it and the movie and -- AND -- two pairs of crappy 3-D glasses for $90. Which leads me to my next question: why two pairs?

Hit the jump for two more NSFW shots and a link to the product page.



Product Site

Thanks to Travis, Jamie and Mitchell, who know how to treat a lady fake vagina in a can.

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