I'm Just So Proud: Geekologie Reader Bakes Augmented Reality Cake

September 14, 2010


Geekologie Reader Justin Blinder (Aaaaah -- my eyes!) went and baked an augmented reality cake after realizing that, if he didn't augment reality, somebody was gonna have a pretty sad party.

Recently being faced with the task of making (or buying) a decorative cake, I decided to see if Augmented Reality could come to my rescue. I FAIL horribly at baking, and hoped this time a dash of c++ and a AR marker or two could detract attention from my poor baking/frosting skills. Being quite crunched for time, I opted for a conservative and traditional design, which included a rainbow/dolphin inhabited scene with a unicorn ridden by sad Keanu.

The main lesson learned is that Augmented Reality will only compensate for poor cake making skills in the right company. This cake was programmed using openFrameworks and ofxARToolkitPlus... and tasted mediocre.

Good lookin', Justin -- I see what you were going for and it's working -- I feel like I'm in the Matrix. Kidding, there's no denying this is a bathroom stall and the guy next to me has diarrhea. Plus cool shoes. I think I'm gonna tap and ask where he got 'em!

Hit the jump for a brief video running through the whole process.

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