I'm Gonna Need That: Sir Terry Pratchett Forges Magical Sword From Meteorites

September 20, 2010


Sir Terry Pratchett, best known for his sci-fi series Discworld and co-authoring Good Omens with Neil Gaimen, was knighted last year and decided to make himself a sword to celebrate the occasion. But not just any sword, oh no -- a magical sword. Forged from meteorites. In Mordor. Suck on that, Sauron!

With help from his friend Jake Keen -- an expert on ancient metal-making techniques -- the author dug up 81kg of ore and smelted it in the grounds of his house, using a makeshift kiln built from clay and hay and fuelled with damp sheep manure.

Pratchett, who has Alzheimer's disease, also said he had thrown in "several pieces of meteorites -- thunderbolt iron, you see -- highly magical, you've got to chuck that stuff in whether you believe in it or not".

After days of hammering the metal into bars, he took it to a blacksmith, whom he helped to shape it into a blade, which was finished with silverwork.

Pratchett has stored the sword, which he completed last year, in a secret location, apparently concerned about the authorities taking an interest in it.

Damn yeah the authorities have an interest in it, IT'S A MAGICAL SWORD. Just sayin', the authorities had an interest in my weapon cache and it wasn't even magical. But it was illegal, which is why my sphincter ain't what it used to be.

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