I'll Never Eat Another Sandwich: British Food Supplier Fined $27K For "Mickey" Bread

September 27, 2010


I'm not saying I've never eaten a mouse before but that's because I have and I'm not proud about it. But I would still cry myself to sleep every night if I was making a sandwich and found a dead one at the bottom of the loaf. But it happened, oh, it happened. Just not to me, which is why I'll be fine if I just take a break from the PB&J's for a bit.

Mr Forse said he had already used some of the bread when he noticed "a dark-coloured object embedded in the corner of three or four slices".

"As I looked closer I saw that the object had fur on it."

Mr Forse said he continued to prepare some sandwiches for his children and their friends from another loaf of bread.

"I checked carefully each slice in turn as I felt quite shaken," he added.

"As I was feeling ill I couldn't face eating anything myself. I sat with the children as they ate theirs."

Pfft, what are you, some kind of king? Nobody just so happens to have an extra loaf of bread lying around. Admit it -- you made mouse sandwiches for your kids and their friends and you and I both know it! Not that I blame you, because I would have done the same thing and then sat there trying my damnedest not to laugh, but that's because I'm a terrible human being. Just like you. High-five, sicko!

Firm fined after dead mouse found in loaf of bread [bbcnews]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom and Saif, who have both tried hamster bread and can attest to it making them want to run in a wheel afterward.

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