I'd Rather Be Stuffed In A Suitcase: Airlines' Prospective New Seating Accommodations

September 14, 2010


Right -- first you take away the complimentary peanuts, and now my legroom? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! What we need are affordable jetpacks.

Here's a harrowing image: the SkyRider design for new cheapo airplane seats. Clearly designed with cramming as many people as humanly possible onto a plane without much regard for their comfort, it's apparently being looked at by several airlines.

What's next, standing room only? Because I don't care if tickets are only $60 for a cross-country flight, if you think I'm standing the whole damn time you've got another thing coming. Namely, a guy in a wheelchair faking a disability.

Witness airlines' horrifying vision for the future of air travel [dvice]

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