I Want One!: Iran's Fleet Of Flying Boats Equipped With Machine Guns, Missiles

September 29, 2010


Iran a mile in under six minutes once, I'm just sayin'. And I didn't need no flying boat with guns to do it either, just a handful of amphetamines. Kidding, I would have had a heart attack. And not the good kind where all your organs wear cowboy & Indian costumes and duke it out in your abdomen either, I'm talking about the kind that'll actually kill ya. And not with kindness -- with you clutching your chest begging, "oh shit Lord, please don't take me now!" Anyway, an Iranian flying boat with machine guns and possible missile attachments. "Solid lead-in, GW." Thanks homes, I thought so.

As for its criticisms, the Bavar 2 has been accused of being very "kit," as in it looks like a watercraft you could have ordered online and assembled yourself. Just do a Google image search for "hoverwing" and you'll see many craft like it.

There's also the big question of just how stealthy it is. Iranian officials claims that its hull makes it undetectable by radar, though videos of the thing flying show that it's pretty damn loud. The blue paint job probably works well enough -- the Bavar 2 doesn't fly high enough for its red underbelly to ever really factor in -- it really mostly skims above the water.

I don't care what they say, I want one. You just watch -- give it a year a two and all the modern pirates are gonna be rockin' blanes. Distract you with a couple loopty-loops and maybe some sky writing, and next thing you know, RAT-A-TAT-A-TAT-A-TAT -- you're under heavy fire. And heavy fire, as you might know, is fire with extra deuterium in it. Get it? That one was for all you chemists!

Video of the blanes in action after the jump.

Iran shows off machine-gun equipped flying boats [dvice]

Thanks to Joshua, who doesn't like mixing methods of transportation because he's a travel purist.

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