How To: Not Fire A Watermelon Out Of A Giant Slingshot Without Hitting Yourself In The Face

September 8, 2010


Note: Very worthwhile video of the whole incident after the jump.

This is an animated gif of a woman on The Amazing Race trying to shoot a watermelon out of a medieval slingshot at a renaissance fair and melonballing herself in the face instead. She managed to survive with nothing but a numb face, a headache, and probably some seeds planted in her eyes/brain. Now, I'm not saying I don't want her on my castle besieging team, but I do get to pick first so you're gonna get stuck with her (I suggest setting her ablaze and catapulting her over a wall).

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile video.

Hi there Melon face, why is your face so melony? [izit]
Face vs. watermelon = BRUTAL [twitvid]

Thanks to Rob, Will and Olivia, who kept waiting for Gallagher to show up with a sledgehammer.

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