'Horniest Dinosaur Ever' Discovered In Utah

September 22, 2010


My God what a sexy looking dino. He's so horny he's making me horny. Kidding, I get that way with any dino, but still, you know what I mean (I mean I'm rockin' some serious petrified wood right now).

The creature lived 76 million years ago in the warm, wet swamps of what is now southern Utah and was remarkable in bearing 15 full-sized horns on its head.

The animal, named Kosmoceratops, had an enormous two metre-long skull, was five metres from snout to tail and weighed an estimated 2.5 tonnes.

"In this case, we think these horns were really about competing for mates and more akin to peacock feathers or deer antlers, where it's males trying to attract females or intimidate other males," Sampson said. "Sometimes it's good to have a way of visually ranking yourself relative to other animals. You can avoid unnecessary conflicts and that is probably what they were doing with all these bony bells and whistles."

15 HORNS! That's like 10 more than a Triceratops. Tri does mean five, right? I was never good at the maths. What I was good at was leaving love letters in library books with the hope of finding true love. I never did. But I did find two pages stuck together with a booger.

Horniest dinosaur ever discovered - Kosmoceratops - found in Utah [guardian]

Thanks to Jordan, Richard Belding, Jarrod, dino-onatops, markwithasee, foo, JB, Vince Lombardi, Gunnit and Geoff, at least four of which expressed some romantic interest in the dino. Trying to give me some competition, huh? BRING IT YOU JURASSIC NOB-BLOCKERS.

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