Great, Even Our Fruits Aren't Safe: Robotic Devil Robot Climbs Tree, Tries To Tempt GW

September 7, 2010


I always knew the devil would transform and slither out in snake form again. You see, he wants to tempt me. But guess what, Satan?! I have absolutely no intention of spending eternity clenching a hot coal between these virgin buttcheeks! *brandishing hatched* Prepare to be Washington'ed!

From the Biorobotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University [previously seen HERE], a snake robot (Snakebot) demonstrates how it can climb a tree and look around.

Please keep in mind that this robot climbed a specific tree with a specific trunk width about 1 meter off of the ground. The researchers working to design, build and program these robots still have much work to do to get these bots to climb taller trees of various sizes and to navigate over branches and wires.

You know what? I see what you're doing and I don't like it. You're trying to play it all coy and act like this thing can't climb a greased flagpole evenn though we both know it can. Nice try, devil snake! Now, the rest of you might want to cover your eyes. As soon as I cut the devil's head off shit's gonna get real freaky real quick. Remember when the Nazis took the top off the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Well I imagine it's gonna be something like that. I don't f***ing know, this is uncharted territory for me too!

Hit the jump for a terrifying demonstration of the snake's tree-climbing ability. Abandon fort, abandon fort!


Thanks to StumpMan, Alex, Gonk Assassin, Cracknel, Blair, Simon, Fritz, Anton, ultrapony and Nate, who would chop that thing to pieces despite Benjamin Franklin's iconic 'Join or Die' cartoon.

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