Gambit's Not Impressed: Playing Card Shooter

September 24, 2010


Ever wanted to throw playing cards like Gambit? Good luck, his cards are magic. Just kidding, I can cut the wings off a fly from ten paces and still bring that shit back like a boomerang.

This [$20] device deals cards to players up to 3' feet away without flipped cards. It holds an entire deck of playing cards, and when you advance a card with your thumb, a pair of 1" diameter foam wheels spin, gently gripping the card and launching it horizontally. Cards are dealt as quickly as you can move your thumb.

Wow, way to lose your street cred at the poker table. Speaking of which -- *ahem* can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poooker faaaace. P-p-p-poker face, P-p-p-poker face. Haha, have fun getting that one out of your head, suckers! I'm not a jerk you're a jerk.

Hammacher Schlemmer Product Site
The Playing Card Shooter [walyou]

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