Eh, The Honor Roll Is Overrated: Bumper Stickers For Parents Of Gamer Children

September 8, 2010


You know those "I'm a Proud Parent of a Honor Roll Student at Nobodycares Middle School" bumper stickers? Yes, the ones that make you want to key the car they're on. Oh you have one? Well it works for you. Seriously, it really ties the back of the minivan together. The little stick-figure family portrait too (I'll be back to pour sugar in your gas tank).

My son Dean is going to be out of beta in just over 3 months and I've got some preparing to do. I've never understood why parent stick the crap bumper stickers about their six year olds making the honor list in a grade where bladder control is part of the curriculum. So I decided to make some stickers that I would be proud to brag about to the world. And since my child will grow up playing games that build character (and OCD) they would look like this

'Geekolgie Writer for President 2012' aside, stickers have no place on a car. *ahem* I'm looking at you, failed inspection sticker! Speaking of which -- anybody here in the automotive industry wanna give me a pass for a cool $20 under the table? Maybe roll my odometer back 40K while you're at it? Haha, what do you mean "that's illegal"? Your face should be!

Bumper Sticker [zero-lives]

Thanks to Matt, who only puts sparkly and/or smelly stickers on his car because he's classy and that is textbook classy if I've ever heard it.

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