DO NOT WANT: Creepy Humanoid Robot

September 17, 2010


Another day, another deathbot. I didn't realize just how quickly humanoid robot technology was progressing until I watched the video of HRP4 here in action. I found it frightening to say the least. I found a turd in the back of my pants to probably say too much.

The HRP4 is the latest and greatest in helper robot technology. Developed by AIST and Kawada Industries, this five-foot-tall robot weighs in at 86 pounds and is excited to serve you.

The HRP4 has full arm articulation and simple hand movements, giving it a grasping force of 1.1 pounds. It has facial recognition built in, so it'll know who you are, and it also reacts to voice commands.

Now I have no idea how strong a grasping force of 1.1 pounds actually is, but I guarantee it's enough to choke you out in your sleep. Thank God I'm a light sleeper, amirite? Seriously, I haven't slept without the lights on since I was twelve. And not just because I used to be visited by a ghost, but in hindsight it did look a lot like my uncle wearing a bedsheet.

Worthwhile skip-aroundable video of iRobot in action after the jump.

Say hello to the HRP4, a robot designed to make your life easier [dvice]

Thanks to FDSY, who once tore a humanoid's head off in public and everybody started freaking out and screaming because it was dressed like a real person.

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