Dedication, You Have It: Guy Builds 1:1 Scale Replica Of Starship Enterprise In Minecraft

September 28, 2010


Remember the guy who couldn't even build a fireplace in Minecraft without burning his entire house down? Hey McFly, YOU BOJO -- THOSE BOARDS DON'T WORK ON WATER! Well some other guy went and spent over a year making a 1:1 scale model of the Starship Enterprise. There's a video of him explaining the feat in exactly the voice I imagined from someone who just built a 1:1 scale model of the Enterprise in Minecraft after the jump, which is at least worth a skip-around. And speaking of skip-arounds, what do you say you and I hold hands and prance down the street? No? No takers? *pointing* HAIRY PALMS THIS GUY'S GOT HAIRY PALMS!

Hit the jump for video and a link to dude's Youtube page which has a ton more information about the build (which is ACTUALLY 22% bigger than the actual ship).


Thanks to The Tongue, who helps me swallow my food so I don't choke to death. I also use him for kissing! And to Dan and Staticwolf, who I do not use for kissing even though I've heard they're two of the best (you guys owe me).

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