Dangerous Games: Beware Of Nintendogs DS

September 29, 2010


Nintendogs is a Nintendo DS game intended for children whose parents won't get them a real dog. Unfortunately, the game is NOT intended for children who have friends who have real dogs that will bite your lip off if they hear your DS barking. And you wonder why I'm afraid to make friends!

Megan Walker's family say a friend's bull mastiff cross went berserk when it heard barking on a Nintendo DS game.

The dog sank its teeth into her face, bit her several times and ripped off her top lip.

Quick-thinking police officers put the piece of lip on ice and surgeons were able to sew it back on.

'I think this game should carry some kind of warning,' said the girl's grandma Jean Taylor.

'People should be told not to play it when there are dogs in the room. I blame the game for what happened to Megan. If they hadn't been playing it I don't think the dog would have gone for her.'

Blaming the game? Really, grandma? What if a dog barks on TV, who do you blame for that -- Animal Planet? F*** no, it's Cesar Millan's fault and you and I both know it!

Terrified schoolgirl, 9, has top lip ripped off by dog after it heard barking on her Nintendo DS [dailymail]

Thanks to TheEmortal, who once had a cat try to claw his eyes out after hearing him get a Tetris.

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