Damn Ripley, You Handsome!: Impressive Aliens Power Loader Mecha Costume

September 23, 2010


Joking, I know it's not Ripley. It's Jake Sully, except standing. Huh? SHUT UP I KNOW MY SIGOURNEY WEAVER ALIEN MOVIE FRANCHISES, OKAY? Was she in Cocoon? No -- that was the diabeetis guy? Oh.

Alex on Instructables spent a mere $225 creating this costume of a power loader from Aliens.

Materials included foam boards, a racing harness, a revolving amber light, PVC pipe, spray paint, hoses, cables, wires, and a hot glue gun.

Good lookin', Alex. I mean it -- you look great in those jeans. But I bet you'd look even better out of them. Just kidding, please keep them on. Okay well you could at least undo your belt a couple notches.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of the costume in awkward-walking action (with bonus alien queen statue!).

Full-Size Power Loader Costume from Aliens [instructables]
Get Away from Her, You BadLadyPerson!: Aliens Power Loader Costume [greatwhitesnark]

Thanks to Gary, who doesn't need a power loader to f*** up an alien queen, just a wheelbarrow full of explosives.

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