Dammit Darwin, You Let Us Down: Idiot Moron Electrocutes Himself In Science Class, He & His Parents Want To Sue His Teacher, School

September 1, 2010


Nikola Tesla Jr. here decided it would be a good idea to attach two electrical clamps to his nipples in science class one day and stop his heart. But now he wants to sue his teacher for never informing him APPLYING LIVE ELECTRICAL CURRENT TO YOUR NIPS ISN'T SAFE. But you know what is safe? The chair. Here -- take a seat, dipshit.

[Kyle] Dubois (18) and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not tell him and other students of the dangers of the demonstration power cords in their electrical trades class.

They are seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to time away from work and other damages related to the incident, which occurred on March 11.

Dubois attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to the other. A third student plugged in the cord.

Dubois was critically injured and his legal team claim he has suffered permanent brain damage.

Listen, I hate to break it to you but Kyle's brain was permanently damaged long before getting his balls shocked off. And to Kyle's parents: you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If your child hasn't learned ELECTRICITY IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO TITS by the time they're 18-YEARS OLD, you didn't do your job. If I was the school I'd counter-sue to make his parents build a time machine, go back in time, and never procreate. *banging gavel* This is the word of Judge GW.

U.S. student who electrocuted his nipples sues teacher...for not warning him it was dangerous [dailymail]

Thanks to Rob, who agrees Darwin must have phoned this one in.

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