Classy: Simplistic Star Wars Poster Remakes

September 7, 2010


Andy Helms went and redesigned minimalistic posters for the first three Star Wars films (the good ones). These are the results (other two after the jump). As you might have noticed, I used the most phallic one for the front page because I'm you're a pervert. And, if you're interested, you can can contact Andy through his Etsy page HERE about procuring a set of the prints before George 'F*** Your Childhood' Lucas sues his Bantha-loving balls off. Pfft, and you wonder why everyone hates you! It's the hair, George, you look ridiculous.

The other two after the jump.



Andy's Blog
Etsy Page
Star Wars Prints by Andy Helms [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Jolessa, who was hoping Return of the Jedi would at least feature a little Ewok action. Ah, weren't we all? No? Just Jolessa and I? Whatever, we're still cool.

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